Wonderland compositions/renders created are copyright to njoyus.com with credit given to contributing artists.  Compositions vary with customer requests, therefore, some, but not all, of the graphics may be used in compositions listed were used in the final web page render.

Note:  Vendors may close their stores, artists move from store to store, or retire.  We try to keep our resource reference current.  If you cannot locate an artist on the referenced vendor's site, email the vendor, or try using a search engine to locate them.

If questions, email us at:  mail@njoyus.com.

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Digi Design Resort (Closed):  
  Pink & White Cake Cajoline
  Pink & White Frosted Cupcakes Cajoline
Fantasy Background Store (Moonchild-ljilja):
HM Designs (Makena):
Background Used - Dreamy Place Backgrounds are a collaboration between both artists.

Makena & Moonchild-ljilja
  Red Roseheads (Dread Rose Package) Jaguarwoman
Lollipops And Gumdrops:
  Castle TZone
  Cat Tails TZone
Chocolate Cupcake JGD
Do-Do Bird TZone
Chocolate Stack p4dsdesigns.com
Summer Drinks TZone
Some Desserts TZone
Natural Designs In Scrapbooking (Closed):
Frog Chili & RMCGabey
Bars (Black & White) Chili
Toad Dawn To Dusk
Rainbow BHunt
Grass BHunt
Pond Water Ripples BHunt

Njoyus Design:
Black & White Crazy Picture Frames (c) Njoyus.com
Compositions/Renders (c) Njoyus.com
Sandcastle (c) Njoyus.com
Smiling Cat Logo (c) Njoyus.com
Dessert Table (c) Njoyus.com
  Card Suit Icons For Picture Frame (c) Njoyus.com

Outlaw by Design:
Pond Outlaw By Design
Butterfly (Red-Black-White) Outlaw By Design

Pickleberry Pop:
Flowers Sarah
Wavy Piano Keyboard Magical Reality Designs
Cream Pie Cucciola Designs

Plan F Studios:
Crowned Frog Crystal

Flamingo Marikas
Butterfly (Red, Black & White) Moonbeam

Cup (Black & White) Kitty Scrap
Cupcake (Pink Frosting) Kitty Scrap
Daisies & Roses Alevtina
Ducklings (Pack 2) Alevtina
Lily Pad (Pack 2) Alevtina
Red Butterfly Doudou
Tree Balls Doudou
White Kitten Alevtina
White Rabbit Kitty Scrap
White Plate Albina
White Swans Kitty Scrap

Scrapbook Graphics (Studio Girls):
Grass Balls & Tree Trunk Redju

Shabby Pickle (Closed):  
Squirrel (CU 15) Starlight
Owl (CU 15) Starlight
Flying Bird (CU 47) Starlight

  Wonderland Caricatures:  
Cheshire Cats Alice In Wonderland Wiki
Queen & Rabbit Clip Art Fest
Cards & Queen Disney Clips

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