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     If you want us to host your web page(s), then you will not have to worry about purchasing a domain name and hosting service so you can display your website.  If you do want to host your own site, then you will need to think up a name for your site (domain name).  We use www.godaddy.com for our hosting.  Just visit their site to see if the domain name you desire is available.  You would need to purchase the name.  To add a hosting service you would need to call them.  The technicians will help you determine what kind of a hosting package you may require.  If you are new to this process, then call them and purchase your domain name and hosting at the same time.
     If you do this I usually like to have access to your empty site so I can build it until you are satisfied with it.  Once you are, you can change your password.  Note:  Once you change your password, I cannot make edits for you as I will not have access to your site.  If you have a working knowledge of HTML and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) you can probably make your own text edits and upload them yourself.  I do not have the time to tutor, however, I can direct you to sources.  The edit prices are listed below.

Setup Pricing:

Home (Main) Page Template usually $20.00:   I am flexible with pricing depending upon the intensity of design required.   Our service will include...

Template Setup: 
Color choice (please see examples of other sites on our Portfolio page).  Note:  Some of our customers are missing information, or add pages as they can afford them, therefore some of the sites will not look complete.  You will get an idea of what these layouts look like and color choices you may like.

Header (title bar)

Navigation buttons/links

Desired text (500 words)

5-7 photographs (usually up to 10):

Note:  The more graphics (photographs) on a page the more time it will take for your page to display, so limiting the number of photos per page would be advisable.

Hosting (if desired):   We also will host your page(s) if you wish for $10.00 per page per year, however, editing your site would require additional fees.  We will only upload large text edits you have every three months due to time constraints from other customer demands.  We will charge $5 for 250 words or less.

Your Text:  Please understand that the kind of text to have inserted should be something static--in other words, we will not be editing your web pages frequently.  Examples of "static" text on your web page would be picture descriptions and dates, poems, your personal thoughts, etc. (we would of course correct our typos).  Pre-plan what you wish to have on your site and try and send as many photos/text you wish at the same time so I can expedite your site development.
     If you send photos, please identify the photo text with the corresponding number that matches the photo to again speed the design process up.
     Note:  Your photos must not infringe on copyright--they must be your own, or you must have permission from your photograph source to use them.

 Additional Pages:   $15.00 per page - includes page title, website navigation buttons/links, text and photos.

     Note 1:  We charge $15 per hour.  We will not charge over $50 for your home page unless you have requirements beyond our basic package.

     Note 2:  We are not programmers and therefore do not support special coding for data or statistics gathering you may require.  You would have to hire someone who provides that skill after your site is designed.  Also, if we host you, only the owners of Njoyus will be allowed to make edits to your site.  If you need to have a programmer make edits to the website we design, you will have to host your own site, which means you will have to purchase your own domain name and give us privileges to upload your site and/or make edits, if you wish.

     Check out our
portfolio page to see examples of some of our websites to get ideas for yours.

    Note:  If you choose one of our existing site pages from our portfolio of existing sites we have designed we will reduce your home page cost to $250 and additional pages chosen from our portfolio examples to $25.


Additional Fees:

Aditional Page Links:  $2.00 Each
Additional Photos:  $2.00 Each
Additional Text:  $5.00 for 250 words or less


Time Policy:

     Depends upon the quantity of pages or detailed artwork involved on your site and the impact of other customers' scheduling.  A simple web page may take one to two weeks.  Also, the number of current orders we have will impact my schedule.
     Generally it takes about 3 to 4 days to produce one simple page and two weeks to produce three simple pages.  We will determine what you would like and schedule you accordingly.
     Note:  Again, we do not provide tutoring.  When you buy a site (web page) from us we can make it easier for you by hosting it, however, if you plan to host it yourself you should have a working knowledge of HTML and FTP.


Terms Of Use:

     Designs are copyright to Njoyus.com.  We ask that you do not break down the templates for the purpose of using for your own design work, sell or give away.  Please refer to us for edits.      We do not provide services when solicitation for a  web page/site promotes or condones any kind of abuse or pornography.      Our logo must remain on each web page.  Leaving the logo on your site is important.  If an artist runs across your site, sees a graphic or render they created and does not see our logo, they may challenge you.  If they see our logo they will be able to link to us and verify permission and licensing to use their graphics.


Payment Policy:

     Sales are final and non-refundable.  A down payment of $35 is due when we agree to start, that is for the main page and $5 down for each additional page, once you are satisfied with the main page.  We only use PayPal.  It is easy to sign up, just visit:  www.paypal.com
     If we received monies from you to design your site and we cannot agree on a design, or that your terms of what we offer are beyond what we can produce, we have the right to withdraw our services and will refund your money.



If you have any questions, email us at:  mail@njoyus.com


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