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     Designs are copyright to Njoyus.com.  We simply ask that you do not break down the templates for the purpose of using for your own design work, sell or give away.  We would appreciate it if you refer to us for future edits, or other design work.
     Our logo must remain on each web page.  Leaving our logo on your site is important.  When I purchase other artist's renders or graphics for use in developing site pages, we provide a link so the artist may view our Resource page, or provide a link to their site, depending upon their terms of use and licensing.  If an artist runs across your site, sees a graphic or render they created and does not see our logo, they may challenge you.  If they see our logo they will be able to link to us and verify usage permission and licensing.  Artists work hard to produce their work, so please respect them by not violating our terms.


Payment Policy:

     Sales are final and non-refundable.  We only use PayPal.  It is easy to sign up, just visit:  www.paypal.com
     Note:  Down payment information is given on the "Custom Design" page.  If we received monies from you to design your site and we cannot agree on a design, or, that your terms of what we offer are beyond what we can produce, we have the right to withdraw our services and will refund your money.



If you have any questions regarding our terms, email us at:  mail@njoyus.com


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